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Q#1: Which direction was Imam Ali facing doing the sajdah at time of his birth inside the Ka'ba?

A#1: In which ever direction he may have face there would have been image of Idol Gods.

By Allah[swt] Hz. Ali[ra] is free of what Shia atribute to him[ra].

Q#2: How many companions took Shahada at the hand of Imam Ali during the early Maki life?

A#2: None

Q#3: Which is the correct Kalima for Shia La hi Laha Il lal la, Mhammad RasoolAllah, " Ali Waliullah" Or " Mahdi ZahoorAllah"?

A#3: " Mahdi ZahoorAllah"

Q#4: How many women took Shahada at the hand or propogation of Hz. Fatima[ra] during maki life ?

A#4: None

Q#5: How many days after the Hijra of RasoolAllah[ra] did Hz. Fatima[ra] traveled to Medina and where did she stay mean while.

A#5: Hz. Fatima[ra] traveled with Hz. Ali[ra] to Medina and was in the same house as Hz. Ali[ra]

Q#6: How Many wars were won using Sword Zulfiquar, during the Khilafa of Hz. Ali[ra]?

A#6: None

Q#7: Post one incident that was personely instigated by Hz. Abu Sufyan[ra]{father-in-law of rasoolAllah[saw]} during th early Maki life ?

A#7: None

Q#8: Why did Hz. Abu Sufyan[ra] participated in Battle of Badr ?

A#8: He[ra] Did not participate, he actually tried defuse the situation.

Q#9: Why Did Hz. Khalid Bin Waleed[ra] ran after Imam Ali in Battle of Badr ?

A#9: Hz. Khalid[ra] did not participate in the battle at Badr.

Q#10: According to Shia belief At Khaiber Hz.Ali[ra] Lifted the Gate of the Fort to protect himself against the strikes of swords from Jews, Was Zulfiquar not enough to protect him?

Q#11: How many Kufar were killed by sword Zulfiquar in battle of Badr ?

A#11: None

Q#12: How many people took shahada at hand of Hz.Fatima [ra] after arriving in Medinah ?.

A#12: ?

Q#13: How many people took Shahada at the hand of Hz.Fatima[ra] after the death of RasoolAllah[saw] till her death ?

A#13: ?

Q#14: Why Did Imam Ali ran from Amir Mauwiyah[ra] in battles of Badr, Uhad and Khandaq?

A#14: Hz. Ameer Muawiyah[ra] did not participate in any of these battle, there is unconfirmed roumor that he[ra] he may have accepted Shahada much before he came in the open at Fatah-e-Makkah.

Ps: By Allah Ameerul Momineen Syedna Hz. Ali Ibn Abi Talib[ra] & Hz. Fatima Bint Muhammad[ra] are free of What ever Filthy Shia attribute to him.

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