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maulana  yazeed

Haqqul yaqeen - the book of the devil !

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I have read many books in my time , including the talmud , the bible and the protocols of zion , but haqqul yaqeen is the most depraved , sick and vile document i have ever read in my entire life . Reading this book has been known to cause nausea and vomitting so refuge in Allah must be sought before attempting to do so , it is advised to keep a plastic bucket handy just in case . Haqqul yaqeen is the written codification of shiaism's precepts , it justifies contempt towards muslims and encourages violence as well , mulla baqir majlisi writes "Regarding the doctrine of tabarri , we believe we should disassociate from the four idols , abu bakr , umar , uthman and muawiya . From four women , ayesha , hafsa , hind , ummul hakam along with their associates and followers . They are the worst creation of Allah , it is not possible to believe in Allah , muhammad and imams without disassociating oneself from their enemies" (Haqqul yaqeen 2 , 519) Mulla baqir majlisi again writes "When imam mahdi appears he will execute the sunni scholars before turning on the non-believers" (Haqqul yaqeen 2 , 527) By describing imam mahdi in such a manner , mulla baqir majlisi is in fact giving shiites the right to go out and kill sunni muslims to pave the way for his return , this is what shias believe . Mulla baqir majlisi writes "When the mahdi arrives , ayesha will be resurrected so that she may be given prescribed punishment and that fatima may be vindicated" (Haqqul yaqeen 347) Does this idiot realize he is talking about the prophets (s) wife ???? , this is not revelation or truth , this is junk , vomit , sewage , these are the words of a maniac , not a scholar ! This book should be seized and burned in public as the work of the devil - the devil's bible . Most shiite holy books are pschologically deranged , they authorize lying , killing , cheating , cursing , prostitution , sodomy and devil-worship , yet we must read their works because they reveal more about themselves than any muslim can .


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