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None of the Prophets bestowed with the Prophet Hood.....

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None of the Prophets (a.s) had been bestowed with the Prophet Hood until He declared His belief in the fallacy character of ALLAH (Na'uzubillah). [usool-ul-Kaafi, Vol#1, Pg#265 - Published Iran]

کسی نبی کو اُس وقت تک نبوت سے سرفراز نہیں کیا گیا جب تک اُس نے ﷲ کیلئے صفت بداء (جھوٹ) کا اقرار نہیں کرلیا (نعوذ باﷲ)۔ (اصول الکافی، ج ۱، ص۲۶۵، طبع ایران)۔




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