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There is no difference between Allah and Ali [R.A].....

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There is no difference between ALLAH and Ali (r.a) such as in the virtues for; The master of Khatim-e-Suleman, The Master of Doomsday, The master of Siraat (The Bridge over Hell) and Renaissance Field, The Creator of leaves on the trees, The one who ripens the fruits, The one who continued fountains, The one who made drift in the canals (Na'uzubillah). [Jila-ul-A'yoon, Vol#2, Pg#85 – Published Lahore]

ﷲ اور حضرت علی میں فرق (خاتم سلیمان کا مالک، یوم حساب کا مالک، صراط اور میدان حشر کا مالک، درختوں کو پتے دینے والا، پھلوں کو پکانے والا، چشموں کو جاری کرنے والا، نہروں کو بہانے والا...) (نعوذ باﷲ)۔ (جلا العیون، ج۲، ص۶۰، طبع لاہور)۔




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