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12 Questions About Islam


1. Am I allowed to leave Islam and return to it?

2. I am having constant doubts; almost becoming agnostic; but I simply brush them off when they come up. Am I still a Muslim or have I committed "shirk"?

3. Do other sections of Islam, if they sincerely believe they are correct, enter heaven; or only us?

4. If other sections of Islam do enter heaven, given their circumstances; does that apply to other religions?

5. Does the Qur'an apply prior to its reveal or is its miracle limited to only after?

6. Why does God punish me, (kufar), for thousands of years, if I've only lived for 60-100 years?

7. In the Qur'an it says "أنما أنت منذر و لكل قوم هاد"

"You are a warner, and for every tribe there is a guider" So where is our guidance?

8. Will the Dajjal enter heaven or hell?

9. Can I accept the Big Bang theory and the Evolution?

10. Why is there a strong hate towards shia?

These questions, some of them, are pre-questions; harder ones will follow.

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