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hazrat fatima rz ka haq...

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mere to 2 sawa hein mai zyada bhes be nahi krta kesei se.......ahle sunat bhahyeoun se

1...rasool (s.a.w) ke intiqal ke bad jab bb fatima (rz) darbar gaein thei ya nahi gaein thei....?

2....agr wo darabar gaein thei to to wo apna haq le kr ayein ke nahi.........???

...aur agr ain wo haq nahi le kr ayein ye bat to app log be jante rasool (s.a.w) aon se kitni mohubat rakte thei....aur hazat fatima se boqz rakna rasool se boqz rakna.........aur rasool se boqz to kafir he rakhein gehazrat fatima (rz) ka haq...


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